Wall Sawing

Create Openings with Wall Sawing in Edmonton 
Sometimes buildings have solid concrete walls and foundations with only limited access points—when they have them at all. So if you want to create new doors, windows, fixture openings, or ventilation units, suddenly you have a daunting task before you. You have to cut through that concrete and hope that you don't do so incorrectly. One wrong move could create an uneven opening or break the concrete. 

You don't have to worry about mistakes or uneven cuts when you leave this task to the experts. If you need concrete wall sawing for your Edmonton project, give the team at Talon Concrete Cutting & Coring Ltd a call. We provide precise, efficient services to help you complete your job on time and on budget. We do it all, whether you need to tackle a simple home renovation or a gigantic industrial venture.

Know Your Options
With our diamond blade track-mounted system, we can cut pretty much any surface, and we don't have to cut on 100% level surfaces. In fact, we can work with steeply inclined structures as well. We can also cut intricate horizontal and vertical lines to ensure you receive the exact opening you require.

Our equipment runs on hydraulic power, and it features convenient mobility and an easy setup. This convenience means that we can provide you with efficient services that don't interrupt your processes.

When you need wall cutting, we can cut from inside or outside to a depth of 18 in. (46 cm). We can also cut from both sides to give you a depth of 36 in. (91 cm). Our cutting leaves you with straight, smoothly finished, and accurately sized openings in your walls or floors.

To receive a free quote or schedule this service in Edmonton and area, call us at 780-468-5615 today.